Sebastopol, CALIFORNIA March 30,2014 Willow Wray recording sessions

Audio clips from Seeds of Love

Many people who are not familiar with Willow’s music have asked for some samples from the Seeds of Love CD. Here they are! You can also find some samples on CD Baby – however, please come back here to purchase the CD for two reasons. One, when you download the mp3′s from CD Baby, you don’t receive the 28-page, full-color insert with all the lyrics, credits and stills from the recording sessions and Willow’s life. And two, we have close to 500 CD’s waiting for homes;-). Thank you for sharing Willow’s dream of spreading her music far and wide and sowing her Seeds of Love.


3 thoughts on “Audio clips from Seeds of Love

  1. Ciele Jupe

    Beautiful–made me cry! This gave me more incite into Willow as an individual since I only knew her through NGW. I will definitely attend her tribute on March 22 and will purchase an album. I will miss her wonderful range and her sweet harmonies. Love to N & G.

  2. Gretchen Vogel

    Thanks to Karen Drucker’s most recent newsletter, which mentioned this beautiful Soul’s music. I just purchased Willow’s CD, and I look forward to listening to her wonderful lyric, and harmonies.
    So grateful for Willow’s courage in recording and sharing her beautiful music and spirit.
    Very inspiring to me. :)

  3. Brandi Eckert

    Thank you, Willow. What a gift you have left for us. I want one of those cd’s. I’m without my cc at the moment but I WILL BE BACK….The next to the last song clip….”I’ll take more of what I’ve already had”…I have never heard that sentiment expressed before….and I CONCUR! Thanks to all who made this possible….what an amazing story, lady and music…it took some amazing friends to make that cd happen, I’m certain. I am also sure that each person hearing it will be blessed by her spirit….it’s kind of hard NOT to be. Special thanks to Karen Drucker who wrote about Willow in her newsletter and shared her story. You musical ladies, (i love music but mangle it fantastically while I’m loving it), are making a huge difference in MY life, daily. I’ll keep mangling Karen’s masterpieces, and look forward to mangling Willow’s as well, as my heart learns to soar like the eagles….or buzzards…lol….whatever it looks and sounds like from the outside is no matter…because on the inside, I am a better person because of people just like you ladies. Your music truly does bring out the best in me…and it is so much more than the words and tune …. it’s gotta be the loving intent held within your hearts while creating it. Thank you for sharing your gift, Ms Willow. I am truly thankful for the lessons we learn from Masters like yourself. Truly thankful. Now, go make heaven smile…you have already done that on Earth. Sincerely, Brandi Eckert


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