“This miraculous CD by Willow Wray, was recorded, mixed, and produced in the last 4 weeks of Willow’s life. The grace and love that was present in those last 4 weeks was captured in this first compilation of original songs. It was Willow’s life dream to make this CD, and the magic that emerged to make it happen was more than any of us could have imagined.

Thank you, Willow. And, huge thanks to all those that gave so generously out of their love for our dearest Willow. We are forever touched and changed by the whole experience. May this CD be a touchstone to help everyone remember the precious gift that is our life.”
~ Iliani Matisse and Anne Richards (Best Friends and Eternal Family)

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Correction to CD credits from first run CD’s: Seeds of Love was brilliantly mastered by Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA. This was inadvertently omitted on the album credits. This was corrected.